Whats this all about?

So why am I doing this you may ask yourself? well for one thing we as forum admins and moderators spend a lot of time trying to help our visitors with problems they may be having on a mod or SGAL as a whole.

We try to always be there for our script users, thats you, so we ask that you might think of donating based on if you found our response helpfull or not. If we helped you out of a jam then hey! by all means let us know by donating.

As for me I like pizza, Plus its prety dam cool you must admit using pizza as a donation medium :-)

A donation is not required but it is appreciated, Just think I could be enjoying a slice right about now, Plus you will be listed on the donation list.

I have made this pretty painless and actually a lot of fun check it out.

You can even add your choice of toppings to the slice, and we will re-calculate your donation based on the toppings you have added. Or just buy a plain slice, it's up to you ...

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